Guess where I am?

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014

Guess where I am?

In the land of milk and honey…I feel so fortunate to spend time here drinking the wine, eating the best cheeses and seafood and fruits & vegetables while surrounded by indescribable beauty and serenity. How is it I never visited Croatia before? Any country that has a gelato/dessert/bakery on practically every block is a place I want to get to know better! If you’ve been here before, I’m all ears for your suggestions on places to go. xoxA


  1. What is in his hand in the poster? Looks like pryear beads, but I’m not aware of any Jewish tradition for that. In Jordan, you can buy pryear beads on the street, you have to count the beads to determine what religion. I think the Moslem ones are 33 with 3 larger beads for the shahada, and the Christian ones maybe forty. You can buy pryear beads in India too, someone told me they had 99 beads, but I’m not sure if they are Hindu or Buddhist. In Nepal you always see the Buddhists spinning a pryear wheel.Oh, and I just noticed some sort of small clip on the points of the collar behind his tie.This image looks so French to me.

  2. hy,
    food in croatia,topics for research,if you are insteresting I can send addresses of interesting places

  3. Awe, how lovely that the Croatian toirust site is using your photos. Smart person there, as they are really fetching!Half the fun of reading perfume blogs is learning about the bloggers themselves and where they live, what their interests are. So please, by all means, promote Croatia when you can, Ines. I know I wouldn’t mind dipping my toe in the waters off Smokvica and taking a run there with my favorite redhead!

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