CD Release and Other Impossible Things

Posted by on May 26, 2014

CD Release and Other Impossible Things

I was walking around a Croatian spring festival when I spotted this display of rusty old tools for sale, and thought, “Who actually buys this stuff?” Then I got a little closer and realized everything was made out of CHOCOLATE rolled in cocoa powder! So I bought a tiny hammer and it was so tasty I ate a putty knife too. How often do we walk around seeing  illusion as reality, when the truth is so far removed from it?

I know y’all are wondering what that has to do with the previously announced cd release? Truth is, I’ve been holed up in a tiny fishing village on the coast of Istria, and I’m sorry but I haven’t felt an iota of desire to blog about it or get about opening a twitter account or finding new ways to promote the record via social media or whatever they say musicians must do to stay connected and relevant these days. Furthermore, I regret that I gave my word on a May release date and that is utter crap now. Anyone who knows me will vouch that I’m a stickler for details and deadlines, but this record has proved to be an elusive butterfly in more ways than one.

Just so you know, there is no record company putting this out–just me–and that’s why even though you all made your preference for hard copies very clear, it will appear only in digital format (lyrics and credits will be posted here) on cdbaby/itunes at first. Why?  Because the more I got into it, the more I faced a multitude of logistical/financial obstacles in manufacturing hardcopies and connecting with distribution houses; and I need more time to figure it out. If you have any ideas, I’m all for considering them…in the meantime, download it is.

That said, little movements ARE being made on the record…like Scott Ambush just finished the remixing the title track today and now I LOVE IT. And I found Alan Silverman to master the record next week, so it’s in safe hands. There are a couple of interviews scheduled for early July, so it’s safe to say the record release WILL ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY coincide with that. Thanks beyond thanks for your noteworthy patience.

Meanwhile, life is leading me through some big and delightfully surprising changes, including fulfilling a long-squelched desire of mine to explore living in Europe.  In June I’m heading to a Viniyoga Retreat run by my dear friend, Mirka Scalco Kraftsow in Assisi, Italy, but Croatia is already so ingrained in my heart I don’t know how I’ll pry myself away…if you were here, we’d sit with some ice cream cones watching the endless sunset, and you would understand how easily one can melt into the scene. xoA


  1. Can’t wait the hear the new songs. I totally dig about avoiding manufacturing. Had a ball in Hawaii. All the best…..

    • Sandy!! how great to hear from you. I hope the Newfoundland spring is (finally) upon you and life is in full bloom.
      much love to you and Vicky..xo

  2. I look forward to hearing the new album. I bought Blue Alert on iTunes and enjoy the rich sounds and lyrics very much.



  3. The world of artistry changes constantly! Roll with it. Croatia and Italy are both great sites to gain new perspective.

  4. Geraniums. Assisi. Paved roads. Pleasing. Red. Never sneezing.

  5. I love you. Wherever you are. Can’t wait to see you soon.

    • Me too, Mama!!!!

  6. If your new album is as good as ‘Blue Alert’, it will be sublime. I wish you the very best where ever you lay your head. Kindest regards, Stephen

  7. I hope you have a wonderful time in Assisi, when the the late afternoon light settles on the hills of Tuscany, it is a delicate and rare beauty.

    I totally understand about the cost of hard copy and would just like to beg you to make it available for download in lossless format such as .wav or .flac as well as .mp3; I would be happy to pay extra to hear it without mp3 loss and I guess many of your other fans would as well. Everyone can burn CD’s so except for concert sales, this would remove any need for a hard copy.

    If the problem with producing a hard copy is mostly the cost, you could tell everyone know that it will be manufactured once you have enough orders to make it economically viable and let us pre-order the album.

    If there’s a chance that this may never happen, you could not collect the full cost up front, but if you requested a unique email address and non-refundable PayPal deposit of 10 cents with each pre-order, it would ensure that they were all real fans who were going to buy when it was available.

  8. Enjoy Europe! And come to Denmark soon, please!!
    Blue Alert is one of mine and my family’s absolute favorite CD’s…. Looking forward to your new album 🙂

  9. Did you find any chocolate Saxophones? If so, devour one of those for me, will ya? Oh yes, and let me know when the album is released too. : )

  10. Could not sleep during the night of april 31. Now I guess the same thing will happen june 31.

    • oh, Peter, i am so sorry. forgive me.

  11. Anjani,
    I loved your last album and am looking forward to your next release,whatever the format.
    Welcome to Europe.

  12. I will wait for your new album, anyhow 🙂 Best regards from your old forum member Karin ( Kiwi)

  13. Thank you dear Anjani so much from all my heart !!!

    Just came so far for beauty to CD Baby and returned with “I Came to Love” – absolutely extraordinary amazing – love it madly !!!

    All good things to you, lots of love
    from the land Poland …


  14. Hi Anjani ~ Yummy chocolate tools! Sounds perfect!
    I am glad that you have easy access to italia as well as living in Croatia, dear friend. my own experiences in italia have been heavenly and how I would like to live there some day for an extended period. It’s inspiring that you are living your dreams. love and hugs! xor

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