All’s Well That Cleans Well

Posted by on Jun 8, 2014

All’s Well That Cleans Well

i’m one of those neurotic Virgo moon types who has to have everything clean–a little messy is ok–but still clean. so i woke up at 8am this morning, and instead of my usual trip to the yoga mat/then boil water for tea/computer ritual, i looked around the bedroom and started cleaning and reorganizing everything in it. fussy as i am about not walking through dust bunnies and hair strands (my mother always knows when i’m home for a visit) i’ve never done that first thing in the morning before, and i had no idea where the compulsion came from…but the further i got, the better i felt. in fact, it was so satisfying that i moved on to the bathroom, then the rest of this little apartment i’m staying in, until it was apple cider vinegar spotless.

after breakfast and tea, i finally sat down to meditate* and felt so much stress and junk leaving my body, that i was kinda surprised+kinda not when i eventually turned on the computer and checked my IChing for today(#63, at) … and this is what it said:

Starting the day vigorously cleaning out his room, he is not satisfied until he has rearranged the furniture.
If he has joy in his mind, not resentment, it will go well.

isn’t that great synchronicity?  and proof from the universe that all is truly well in my life, even though i can only fit into my one pair of fat pants. That’s the result of a two month foray into the delights of Istrian cuisine; because i might have given up my daily gelato, but not my love affair love with Kajmak (butter’s even richer cousin). i’ve decided not to panic nor go shopping, as both might risk the state of joy and peace i’m in.** instead, i’m just gonna ride this out and see if this next week of 80 degree weather burns the fat off, by some other as yet unknown miracle of God.

*this is the GREATEST, most inspiring video on cleaning:

**i’ve also opted out of most punctuation. no reason, just lazy/on (permanent) vacation.

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